The key to the move out cleaning inspection is the spotless bathroom

The inspection is coming and you are getting mad, it can be true, this reality should be too harsh, so that to make you clean a place you are leaving for ages and then make you go through an inspection and lose your money. And the society that considers this normal should be dumb as well. But the truth is that it is pretty logical and that if you leave that same rented property in a gross condition, the poor landlord will need too much money then to make it look nice again and to find new tenants. And in life, where everybody is looking for some kind of certainty, we should admit that this practice is pretty rational one. On the other had are you with the house you have lived in for some years and the cleaning you are performing with not the best results possible. What should you do know, you are wondering, what are the inspectors looking at, you are constantly asking yourself, and how could you cope with that much work in so small amount of time, is the biggest concern. However, I can calm you down now, telling you that surfaces with no dust and carpets with no stains is something every landlord or letting agency’s representative expects. So if you want to impress him and to assure the pass, focus on the bathroom, because admit it or not, they and we all know, that this is the key to a perfect looking home.

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I suppose that it is pretty obvious that if you want to have an always clean bathroom, you should maintain it well through the years. The good news, however, is that you can achieve this by simply multitasking. That means that if you go through all the walls and the entire floor with nothing more but water, right after you take a shower, you will get rid thus of the scum and the entire condition of the bathroom would be much better.

Don’t procrastinate

Or differently said, don’t wait until your bathroom is so gross that you will need five cleaning teams and detergents stronger than bleach so that you can make it look normal again. so when you notice that a stain appears, make everything needed, go and buy some cleaning products and tools, look for some techniques online and make sure that you will either cope with the situation alone or you’ll find someone to do it.

Clean deeply and regularly

Yeah, cleaning as you go is a nice option, but unfortunately, it is absolutely not enough. For this reason perform a deeper clean-up from time to time and while you are doing spring or fall cleaning, or even and end of tenancy one, trust the professionals, who with their more effective products and better skills, will disinfect and clean this place, making it look super nice, be super clean and pass indeed every move out cleaning inspection.