End of tenancy cleaning

Before you move out from your rented property, almost always you are asked to fully clean your accommodation so that you can get your security deposit back. The whole end of tenancy cleaning is in most of the cases really tense and especially if you don’t clean that often and you don’t have the required skills. So if you try to perform such a cleaning on your own, it is long odds that you will waste your time with absolutely no result. And you may do your best – polishing every surface, removing every stain and washing every glass, and still not pass the landlord’s inspection. And that is why more and more people decide nowadays that hiring a cleaning service that is professional and effective is the better option.

You will save yourself so much money and time, if you choose to hire an experienced End of Tenancy cleaning company in Fulham famous with its professionalism, perfect skills and efficient equipment. And at the end, the final result will truly amaze you. And we, from Fulham Cleaners, promise you sure inspection pass. As we have the landlord’s and letting agencies’ checklists, we perform the end of tenancy cleaning exactly as it has to be done. And if you are not sure, why hiring our service is better than cleaning by yourself, then take a look at the checklist and the many requirements too hard to be fulfilled by someone non-professional. And here you can see some of the most inspected areas.

Kitchen – this room is often cleaned and maintained in every household and yet it is still one of the places that need some special care, because of the many bacteria and the grease it contains. However, the full cleaning service we offer will include making every surface shine except for the oven, because these appliances are most often too time-consuming to be cleaned and require significantly more attention.

Bathroom – in this room a lot of bacteria can be found as well. But we will clean absolutely every place – from the toilet bowl to the sink through all the tiles and in between. And the detergents we use are high-grade disinfecting ones. Something more we will take care of is the lime scales on the taps and on the shower.

Bedroom – here we will wash the windows and remove all the dirt from the walls, we will also deeply clean the carpet and refresh it making it look like brand new. However, we recommend you to have a professional deep carpet cleaning once in a while, because it may accumulate dust and cause some allergies. We won’t skip the radiators and the skirting boards, too.

Living room – most of the time you are at home, you are in this room, and that is why we will clean it perfectly: the windows and the floors, all the doorknobs and the skirting boards.

Hallways – most of you don’t really pay attention at this room, but it still can be quite dirty. We will, therefore, clean the carpets and all the radiators and skirting boards as well.

The door knobs and the light switches are things we pay attention to and we clean them with antibacterial detergent. Please, before we arrive, make sure that there’s hot water and electricity in perfect condition because only thus we will be able to make your home look perfect. And as we perform the end of tenancy cleaning in every place that will be inspected, please, empty all the cupboards, wardrobes and appliances.

And if you are looking for professional and fully insured end of tenancy cleaning in Fulham, then contact our team immediately!