Prices for End of Tenancy Cleaning in Fulham

If you choose our highly professional Fulham cleaning team, you can be absolutely sure that you will get one of the best cleaning services in the whole UK. Though most of our prices can be found on our website, feel free to contact us anytime and we are going to personalize an individual quote for your demands and requirements. And we have heard from our customers that this option is far better than relying on fixed prices only. We are aware that the service we offer is not the cheapest one, but for us, the punctuality and the value are so important that we don’t want to compromise. And yet we are 100% sure that our service is worth the money.

Our goal is to assure complete contentment and value for money

We assure you that you will get a response to all your enquiries and the prices will be absolutely inclusive, based on the information we receive from you in advance. Our cleaning professionals will undoubtedly bring the quality, the promptness and the courtesy in your house. And you can take a look at the price table any time so that you will know what it will possibly cost you to use our service.

We can guarantee promptness, politeness and response…

At the end of our service, you will surely receive a quote that includes all the detergents used and the insurance. We promise you that there won’t be a thing you have no idea about and you will have to pay for at the last moment. The overall cost of the oven cleaning service, however, depends on the type of the appliance and on the time we will need for the clean-up. All the detergents we use are soda-free. Feel free to contact us and you will get a free quote. And please, be precise while you are describing us the condition of the oven. Otherwise we won’t be able to give you exact information about the prices you will have to pay.

If you are looking for the best professional cleaning in Fulham, contact us any time, because you can fully rely on us!

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices



  • Excluding carpet cleaning £84
  • Including carpet cleaning £96

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One Bedroom


  • Excluding carpet cleaning £99
  • Including carpet cleaning £113

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Two Bedroom


  • 1 Bathroom (excl. carpet) £120
  • 1 Bathroom (incl. carpet) £140
  • 2 Bathrooms (excl. carpet)£130
  • 2 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £150

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Three Bedroom


  • 1 Bathroom (excl. carpet)£145
  • 1 Bathroom (incl. carpet) £175
  • 2 Bathrooms (excl. carpet) £155
  • 2 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £190

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Four Bedroom


  • 1 Bathroom (excl. carpet) £210
  • 1 Bathroom (incl. carpet)£250
  • 2 Bathrooms (excl. carpet)£220
  • 2 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £260
  • 3 Bathrooms (excl. carpet) £230
  • 3 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £270

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Same day Service


Same day service is something that very few agencies out there can offer but it is also something that the clients always ask for. Don’t lose your deposit – hire the professionals.

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