Same day cleaning

The life we have today is almost always busy and tense. Our schedule is full and we not only go to work, but have million more things to do at home. And in the same time we have never lost our desire to travel, to read, to learn. Our rent agreement comes, however, to an end and in the clamour we have forgotten the most crucial part – the end of tenancy cleaning.

And at the end of this same cleaning, the landlord or the letting agency representative knocks on the door and arrives for inspection. He walks through the property with an inventory and end of tenancy cleaning checklist and if something is not how it has to be, all the surfaces are not polished or you have missed a spot on the carpet, you fail and now have to say good-bye to your security deposit. And only if the place is perfectly clean, you will get the happy ending you deserve and the money back.

Fulham Cleaners are skilled and experienced experts, who are specialized in the end of tenancy cleaning. That is why the inspection pass is 100% guaranteed.

And because we understand how busy your lifestyle is and how challenging your job, we offer a same day cleaning option, without asking you to pay more. As soon as you contact us, we are arranging an appointment and one of our brilliant teams arrives within a couple of hours.

This offer is not so popular, but in most of the cases it’s indeed what the client needs. So if you are looking for professional and insured service for the same day, don’t hesitate to call us now.